Counter Meals

We have a fantastic range of counter meals available.


Garlic Bread $6.00

Cheesy Garlic Bread $7.50

Soup of the day $5.00

Chicken Chikko Rolls (3) with sweet chilli $10.00

Pizza Subs choice Vego, Mexican, BBQ Bacon, Hawaiian  $8.00

S&P Calamari with chips and salad $13.00

Roast and Gravy Roll with chips $12.00

Hawaiian Chicken Snitzel Burger  with ham, pineapple and chips $17.00

Wagyu Beef and Bacon Burger with chips $15.00

 Seafood Basket with tartare sauce and chips $18.00

 Beer Battered flathead with tartare sauce, garden salad and chips $17.00

 Roast of the Day with vegetables and gravy $15.00

 Steak Sandwich with bacon, cheese, aioli, lettuce, tomato, chips and tomato relish $16.00

 Chicken Parmigana with chips & salad $19.00

 Porterhouse Steak with chips & salad $21.00

 Bangers of the Day with mash, veg & gravy $15.50

 Seasoned Potato Wedges with aioli and sweet chilli sauce $8.00

 Chips and Gravy $5.00