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We have a fantastic range of counter meals available.

Garlic Bread                                                $6

Cheesy Garlic Bread                                                          $7.50

Cheesy Garlic Bread with jalapeno                                                   $8.50


Beer Battered Chips & Gravy                            $8


Bowl of Broccoli & Carrot                                $7.50

Roast Cremini Mushroom, Sweet Balsamic Onion & Goats Cheese          

With rockette, thyme & almonds (gf, V, vegan)                                                         $12


Miso-Prawn Toast

With yuzu mayonnaise, asian herbs                $15

Garden Salad – Side Salad

With mixed lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, red onion,

carrot & Italian dressing (gf, V, Vegan)                 $7


Pho’ Infused Steak Salad

With strip loin, bean sprouts, watercress, mint, coriander, iceburg lettuce,

spring onion & hoisin-nuoc cham dressing (250gm gf) 


Rigatoni, Sage & Rockett in a Creamy Butternut Sauce

With extra virgin olive oil, goat cheese & walnuts (V)                                              $21

                                                                                                      Half Serve              $16

                                                                                  Add chicken           $4


Linguine, Prawns & Oyster Mushrooms

In lobster cream sauce with white wine, fennel & aged parmesan                          $26

Chicken Schnitzel

Crumbed Chicken Breast, beer battered chips & salad                                            $21


Chicken Parma

Crumbed chicken breast, ham, napoli, mozzarella cheese,

beer battered chips & salad                                                                                       $24


Roast of the day

With roast chat potatoes, broccoli, carrot & gravy (gf avail)                                    $24


House Made Beer Battered Barramundi Fillet

With beer battered chips, salad, lemon & tartare                                                     $25


Pan Seared Red Snapper

With Marinated warm red pepper-bean salad, creamy mash, raisin,

pine nuts, onion relish, sour cream & lemon (gf)                                                      $30


Cajun Spiced Sweet & Smokey Pork Ribs

With coleslaw, roasted paprika & thyme seasoned potato (gf)                                $31


Roasted Tumeric Rubbed Supreme of Chicken & Thai Style                                               Rhubarb & Coconut Mostrada

With lemongrass rice, broccolini & Asian herbs (gf)                                                 $28


Char Grilled Scotch Fillet (300gm)

With parmesan & butternut puree, roasted chat potato,

broccolini & red wine sauce (gf)                                                                                $38


Char grilled Porterhouse (300gm)

With a choice of two sides & one sauce                                                                    $34


Mushroom gravy              Mixed lettuce salad (gf)

Peppercorn gravy             Beer battered chips

Red wine sauce (gf)          Buttered broccoli & carrot

Garlic butter (gf)               Mashed potato (gf)

                                          Roast chat potatoes (gf)

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